Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to swim while pregnant?

Check with your GP or midwife before you embark on any exercise programme in case you have any condition which may impact on the type and level of exercise that is suitable for you

Where’s my local pool?

We have a pool finder to help you find the nearest pools to any given post code or town name. This is only available for Uk users.

I can only swim breast stroke, does this mean I can’t use Swm4Fitness?

No, you can also use pretty much any work out in the “Calm swimmer” just swim breast stroke.

Will I burn more calories in the pool than in the gym?

It is hard to compare, as there are a variety of things you can do in the gym. Lifting weights isn’t aerobic exercise and you won’t be burning a high number of calories doing it. However, if you are doing circuits or an aerobics class this will use up more calories. In comparison, an hour's fast, vigorous freestyle lap swimming for an 11 stone person will burn 704 calories.

Which stroke burns the most calories?

Freestyle and breast stroke burn a similar number of calories for most recreational swimmers. Backstroke uses slightly less but butterfly would use a lot more!

My arms, shoulders, bum and legs are all toning up, but how can I tone my stomach muscles?

oing tumble turns will help and swimming improves your core strength in general, but you also might want to consider complimenting your water training with some land based stretching and abdominal work. Just a few sit ups done consistently will benefit you. Using a kickboard and pull buoy will help to isolate muscle groups, if you use them correctly, they will both help to strengthen your abdominals.

I am getting different advice about how to hold my kick board properly. Can you give me some advice?

You should hold the board with your arms resting on it and your hands at the top of the board. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed so that you can concentrate on working your legs, try to keep your chin on top of the water.

The pool where I swim is only 18 metres long. Does this mean that I can’t use Swim4Fitness?

No! The sessions are written so that you can do them in any length pool. All the sessions are measured in meters to avoid any confusion – you should check the length of the pool with the lifeguard if you are not sure.

How can I build my stamina in the pool, so I can go further and for longer?

You should always try to be relaxed in the water. When you see a top swimmer on TV they seem to glide effortlessly through the water rather than plough through it creating lots of splash. Try slowing your strokes down, think about gliding and stretching out rather than trying to improve your speed all the time. Good technique will lead to increased speed and stamina without using as much energy. By using the Zoggs equipment you will not only vary your sessions, but you will also build strength and improve technique by isolating key areas of your body as you swim.

Part of your problem could also be your breathing pattern and you might want to consider getting someone to look at your technique for you. Our centre line snorkel will help you to focus on technique without the need to breath to the side.


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  • How can I build my stamina?

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